Once again I'm trying out a new internet platform - Tumblr!  So far I'm pretty excited about it, it's like my two favorite online communication tools - blogspot and Twitter - rolled up into one!  :D  

Come check me out!



Freeday Iron Giant

This is an image I did a few years ago. I believe 2009.  I just googled myself to see what comes up (I recommend everyone do this on occasion.  You never know what the internets holds on you!)... and these pieces popped up.  I had fun doing it, but it is definitely OLD at this point. 
Done for this fun lil' blog: The Iron Giant Project

Happy Independence Day!!!


Fred Jones + Scrappy Doo - Puppy Dog's Tails

OK straight up, I've always been a little disturbed by Scrappy's design.  He's Scooby's nephew, right?  Yet he's like the Dane version of Danny Devito (no offense Danny boy).  In MY world, he would be a cute pup, with a youthful appearance...